Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Depot Kids Workshop Rocks!

Kids Workshop at Home Depot Rocks! My daughters Brownie Troop attended the Home Depot Kids Workshop this morning! With tools in hand they began to hammer in unison! Were we crazy, sharp nails, real hammers, lumber in the hands of our Troops? The girls did have a personal Foreman, their parent. These 7 and 8 year old girls were so focused, precise, and listened intently to the Home Depot Carpenter leading the charge! I was very impressed with the Troops and foresee one or two GC's in the future!

Following the completed project the girls were given a Home Depot Certificate of Accomplishment, an official Home Depot Kids Workshop Apron, and Pin representing the Birdhouse Project to attach to their Aprons. What a great gig they have going! I encourage you to attend the workshop with your child, niece, nephew, cousin, etc.

The cost: Just an hour! Sweet. And they say nothing is life is free.
Cheers America!


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