Monday, February 1, 2010

Decorating and Design

Custom or Mass Produced that is the question. There are many big lot home good shops that give great deals to consumers because they can purchase bulk items...hundreds of rugs, serving platters, window panels, candles, bath accessories, decorative wall art , and furniture.

Yesterday I went to Market in NY to look for the unique items for a sale, more accent items that large furnishings. One booth had just unbelievable modern pop art furniture... I loved just about everything in this booth! white PVC covered sofa and chairs! PVC is a leather like look and feel synthetic. It was soft and well made. That is unique! Also amazing retro chairs with the images of Monroe and Hepburn...again, the chair design unique!

As we walked by the hundreds of booths filling Pier 92 there were fewer unique selections, unfortunately. The savings grace for shop owners must be the young urban and suburban professionals who have not lived the decades of repeat design. The other side us these professionals have the dough, no time to shop, and hire professional decorators to sketch up and design their personal spaces!

Certainly, there are the 40, 50, 60 year old pros who have dough and do the same. However, for this age group they tend to begin purging around now...purging....whoa, that is for another time!

Young Professionals, Use a decorator to help you out. You will not be disappointed!

Cheers America!


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