Thursday, July 22, 2010


After watching and reading about what our foreseeable future could be and upcoming elections in November 2010 in the hopes that the States in our wonderful union will take a risk by seceding in certain ways from the Federal Government Laws to better their incumbents, I worry. Socialism is not what our founding fathers set out for, nor do I want this. Freedom of Speech is what the baby boomers strive for in the 60's. Political Correctness was the ability to know right from wrong. Bankruptcy was when you fell short of responsibilities regardless. Mortgages were attained by down payments and an OK financial history and an actual phone call to employers that could give an' at ta boy' to help with the mortgage and dedication to their employers, and savings, and most importantly, not over extending yourself which was OK and solid.

The American Dream was there to be had. The American Dream was being a homeowner, business owner, and/or being gainfully employed, a savings, a vacation or two annually, children and ability to pay for college. Oh yes, baseball, football, apple pie and more!

The Technical Evolution is awesome This evolution set us apart from the world early on, but some would now say pulled America apart and it probably did. Change and
assimilating to this new world is not easy. Reinventing oneself is easy for some and not so easy for others. BUT YOU GOTTA DO IT! Can't throw in the towel. Apply, apply, apply anywhere!

Foreclosures. Now this blows. Sure we can ignore this and we do. But looking forward this is not helping the situation. Ignorance in any class, religion, race, sect has always resulted in 'leaving our people behind'. What happen to 'it takes a village'?

We have families like you and me that just last month shared a beer over the fence and are now on the street due to downsizing, unemployment, and resulting in inability to pay the mortgage. These are families dropped their kids off to school just like you. What is the answer?

Churches sometimes help these families which is great. The Government provides shelters, but what does that do to families? Specifically what does this do to children? Do they learn from it? Maybe. Do they lose hope? Maybe. I don't know, but what I do know is I don't want to ever be in their shoes. Think about it, would you? How would you feel? So what should we do as a society?

Frankly, Greece should have fallen, again. I am thinking the $100 Billion dollars we sported to Greece was insane. That money could have been allocated to saving 92,000 homes in foreclosure just this year or specifically the 100 billion could have been allocated to saving these mortgages, keeping the residents whole, and having some dough to spare, approx. $1.08 million per home foreclosed. Each home foreclosed let's say was 500,000.00. The remaining amount would have done to waste and fraud aka Government, bureaucrats would have taken it. What is wrong with us?

PS: Did we just have this $100 Billion in the Lincoln Bedroom Mattress 'in case'? Of course not, we borrowed it from China, lovely country full of bleeding hearts.

Cheers America!