Sunday, February 15, 2009


Searching for that perfect rug? Well I found it. The Black Eyed Pea rug. New Zealand I am imagining Ugz Floor Cloth Not bad, not sure how durable, but willing to give it a try. Looks soft, plump, and well, like Black Eyed Pea Humps.

Cheers America!



I searched over a year for the perfect Sofa. I went to all the major retailers, smaller upscale, mid ranged, and no range shops, on-line, auctions, and estate sales. To start my search I selected my sofa color. The color for the new sofa was set based on a hue found in my kitchen...there was no turning back.

The Saltillo floor in my kitchen are beautiful natural clay tiles with an old-world, Terra cotta look and feel. Perfect in a modern, country French or Mediterranean style home, Saltillo tiles are a highly sought-after flooring material. After being shaped by hand and dried in the sun, Saltillo tiles are carefully positioned in the kiln to create different colors ranging in hue from bright burnt orange to a light peach and even yellow. This variation in color as well as being unglazed gives Saltillo tiles their charm and rustic beauty. My house is on the rustic side. Terra cotta it is.

Now shape. Will it be a sectional, sofa/chaise, sofa, low seat, standard seat height, depth, sheltered or not, armless, arms, rolled, square, pillow, tight back, single or multi seat cushions, footed, square, skirt or not, feet/base wood/metal, casters, stationary...yikes. To determine this of course we mapped out the space, measured, and attempted to simulate all aspects of options available. This is important as this will be with us for at least 10 years if not more.

Shape? Done! Off to New York I went on Super Bowl Sunday 2009. In NY I narrowed down my search to 2 stores. Mitchell Gold who's furniture is great. I have an ottoman and club chair by Mitchell Gold for 15 years now and structurally looks new. Fabric has been changed on one and the other slip covered. So off to MG I went. But, I didn't find 'the one'. So I forged ahead.

As I approached Room & Board I knew this was it. I had 4 specific sofa's in mind. As I opened the great old 15' double Metal and glass doors...typical NYC industrial look I made quick eye contact with one or two folks in the store and said I was looking and all set for now. With Catalogue in hand, post-its on a few pages I was off. It is refreshing to enter a shop staffed with professionals vs. those clearly hungry. It also helps when you are in one of the kewlest NYC neighborhoods. Everyone is 'kewl, kalm, and kollected' and in black, huh.

After about 45 minutes I was laying down, curled up in fetal positions, on my side, lifting cushions, and just plain plopping. By doing this I was able to narrow down to 2 sofas. At this point a salesman, Steve Jones walked by and asked if I had questions and I did. After one more go-around I found it. The Kendall.... Now that we had the sofa it was fabric time...stock or custom....stock was fine, but custom fabrics...well..... I approach the racks of options I gravitate to it...IT I say! I did not have to look any further. It was 'kismet'. The sun came out, birds where chirping...all was good with the zen world of sofa selection. OK, so I pulled out a few more choices just to humour myself and Steve Jones, but the selection was made.. done deal.

Deals, well, no deals, but great pricing regardless. I have shopped for over a year for one Sofa and I am very particular and had a budget. Room & Board won out.

Cheers America,